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Dear Foodies,

Thanks for visiting my page!

When I’m not running around the kitchen I will introduce you to my world of food with topics that matter to me as a chef. The industries public image has evolved so much over the last 15 years and it’s easy to imagine chefs living glamorous, crazy, fun lifestyles. I will try to be as honest as possible with readers while discussing topics and ideas that come from personal experience – showing the awsome the bad and the ugly.

When not cooking or eating I’m either thinking about food, trying not to eat food or reading about food. So here I am, not cooking or eating but deciding to share my thoughts and opinions on a topic I love..

There is nothing ordinary about food it’s complicated, it’s simple, it stirs memories and often brings back feelings of immense joy. Food will either nourish your body or destroy your health depending on your lifestyle. Complete cultures are based around food and no Din Tai Fung is not a culture.

So please enjoy tales from the hot side of the pass, i encourage comments and commentary on the blog posts. Also if you feel a connection or can relate then share my stories & your thoughts with the world.

I would like to thank my wife for creating this page and listening to me rant & rave while bringing it to life.

Chef Ryan





Blog Posts


Ok before we get started I want to make one thing clear, I have nothing against food guides or the amazing chefs that are awarded Michelin stars. I have friends and colleagues who hold or have held stars, they are influential and talented chefs producing delicious...


How do you measure success in the culinary world? Is it about the dining experience, flavor, creativity and skill or is the cash still king regardless of what enters the dining room? Should it be based on critical acclaim and Michelin stars or only what coin remains...

The Cost of Kitchen Life

It's the impossible balance of personal time and professional life, how to keep them from becoming the same thing or simply allowing them to co-exist? Cooking is a profession that consumes the participant, a never ending process limited only by your desire. No chef...

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