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I’m aways thinking about food. Not only food itself but how it’s presented, how it’s cooked, how it’s served, why people like it, why they don’t like it and so on. There is constant culinary clutter in my mind, that’s why I decided to record my thoughts with words. Think of this blog as an open diary if you will, a chance for me to express my thoughts and opinions with a wider audience. There is also extreme satisfaction that comes from watching thoughts evolve into stories, while trying to be honest with my direction.

By no means am I always right, what I say should never be taken as fact. I only hope to make for an interesting read offering insight into the hospitality world through personal experience. Enjoy the stories below and please share a post if you feet a connection or can relate, commenting is also encouraged.

Deciding Where To Eat

  THAT GUY Remember when you first started trying to understand wine, the sommelier told you what you were tasting and you believed every word he said. It wasn't until you built your own palette and started understanding  more you realized everyone was tasting...

Sustainable Seafood and Why It’s Not Working

DEATH IS A MESSY BUSINESS In the words of Alex Atalla, death is all around us in the kitchen, eating really is a life and death situation. There is rarely a plate on the dinner table that didn't start with death, but at what point did we forget our meal was once...

5 Reasons Why Italian Food is The Best

What, Italian food is the best? What about the French? What about the Nordic movement? What about everything that is happening in Spain and Peru? Yeah, yeah I understand how you feel but if you are really honest with yourself and remember some of the most pleasurable,...


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